When should I send out my Wedding Invitation Card?

Wedding Invitation Card

Planning a wedding involves a myriad of decisions, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting the ideal menu. Among these crucial decisions is the timing of sending out wedding invitation cards. While it might seem like a trivial detail, the timing of sending out these invitations can significantly impact the success and attendance of your big day. So, how far in advance should you send out your wedding invitation cards? Let’s delve into this important aspect of wedding planning.

Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent out around 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date. However, several factors should be considered when determining the ideal timing for sending out your invitations.

Wedding Date and Venue

The date and venue of your wedding play a crucial role in determining when to send out invitations. If you’re planning a destination wedding or getting married during peak wedding season, it’s advisable to send out your invitations earlier to ensure that your guests have enough time to make travel arrangements and accommodations.

Wedding Date and Venue

Guest List Size

The size of your guest list also influences the timing of sending out invitations. If you’re inviting a large number of guests, you’ll need to send out your invitations earlier to allow for RSVPs and any necessary adjustments to your wedding plans.

Wedding Invitations


Sending out save-the-date cards is a common practice for weddings, especially for destination weddings or weddings scheduled during busy times of the year. Save-the-dates are typically sent out 6 to 12 months in advance, giving your guests ample time to mark their calendars and make arrangements to attend your wedding. If you’re sending out save-the-dates, you have to follow up with formal invitations closer to the wedding date.

International Guests

If you have guests coming from overseas, it’s essential to send out your invitations well in advance to allow for international mail delivery and visa processing, if necessary. Aim to send out international invitations at least 3 months before the wedding date to ensure that your guests have sufficient time to plan their trip.

International Guests

RSVP Deadline

Setting a deadline for RSVPs is crucial for finalizing your guest list and making arrangements with your vendors. Be sure to include a response deadline on your invitation, typically around 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding date, to give yourself enough time to finalize seating arrangements, catering numbers, and other logistical details. If you have a wedding planner on board, you can also provide the planner’s number for RSVP so you can avoid the hassle of delving into guest arrangements.

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When it comes to sending out your wedding invitations, timing is key. By considering factors such as your wedding date, guest list size, and the need for international mail delivery, you can determine the ideal timing for sending out your invitations. And with Puneet Gupta Invitations, you can create stunning wedding invitations that will delight your guests and set the stage for a memorable celebration.

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