From customized wedding invitations to bespoke trousseau services, here’s our unique process which
becomes the core of innovation for each project.
Share Your Needs
Spill out all your heart’s desire regarding your wedding invitation. We make sure our client’s thoughts are beautifully portrayed to the recipient. What further magnifies and increases the value of these thoughts is when it is designed keeping in mind the client’s emotional sojourn as compared to a mere scribble or design.
Consult with PG
An interactive person session with the designer. Starting from the wedding logo to save-the-date invites to formal invitations to coordinated favours to bridesmaid boxes to trial must-haves, every element of the wedding is beautifully weaved together to form one beautiful story to be remembered for a long time by its guests.
Design Presentation
Assembly of the design that suits you the best. It will be a showcase of the different paper and printing techniques that will be used. From mood boards to invite sketches, we make sure each design is a synergism of panache and uber luxury.
Enjoy the Process
Blending the client’s personality with today’s importance of handcrafted luxury invites, our design will lead your guest to a world of elegance and style, where they are free to portray their thoughts and desires.

What you will receive

We imagine, customise and transform your thoughts into ideas.
P.S, it’s not required to join the consultation with some ideas,
thats our part and we want you to enjoy the process as much as possible.

Once we discuss about your aspirations and your dream wedding,
we will help you pick out colours that resonate well with your personality and your chemistry with your better half.

The designer, Puneet Gupta and his design team are always keen
to choose the best option from various styles. So, you never have to
settle for less.

Whether you want vintage French paper or contemporary laser cut design,
we are there to guide you at every step as to which design will look better
in which material.

You cannot achieve a flawless design in one go. So we
are ready to experiment with the design as much as
possible and till you give us a thumbs up.

We don’t want you to worry about even the tiniest detail related to your wedding
invite, therefore PG design team and support team makes sure that you are well
updated about the production and design at all times.

Nothing should be short of perfect for your wedding. So, we make sure that even the first wedding communication from your side will enthral your guests with excitement and thrill. 

We take every measure to ensure each experience is completely tailored to you. In your private consultation, you will be able to share your hopes, visions and personal style with Puneet Gupta, your dedicated project manager and the design team.

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Our Favourite Invites

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the kind of product that you want to order. In case of products that cost INR 200, the minimum order quantity is 100. We try our best to accommodate to your needs. In case of further query, you can email us at [email protected]

All our products are customised according to your tastes and preferences. Our designs starts from as low as INR 100 and beyond that, sky is the limit. Based on the your custom enhancement, the price may increase. To get a customised creation, you can either make an appointment with the designer or write an email at [email protected] with your requirements.

Based on the various techniques used and the detailing in the invite, the production and delivery can take upto 20-30 days. We recommend getting your wedding invitations 3 months prior to your wedding. Please note that we are not possible for delay in delivery services due to unforeseen events or issues outside our control.

You can visit our store in Defence Colony, Delhi to have a closer look at our creations. Once you finalise the deal with us, we can also share pictures of the creations via email.

To beautify your wedding invitations and to achieve the desired result, some of the techniques that we use are hot foil stamping, paper gliding, gold foiling, letterpress, offset printing, engraving, laser cut, die-cutting, velvet stamping.

For your convenience, we offer a Royal Glove Mail Out Service which includes complete fulfilment and delivery of your invitation suite to your address. We will pack, stamp, and mail out your invitations in time for your event date. The service fees depend on the amount of invitations being ordered and the packaging needed. Our services do not include postage. 

Getting personalised postage stamps for your wedding will amp up the whole invitation suite. We can create customised stamp designs based on your specific demands.

The PG team recommends getting at least 20-30 extra wedding invitations. There are always some last minute entries to the wedding guest list and ordering customised 1-2 invitations later will cost you a lot.

Yes, you can place an order either by sending us your requirements on [email protected] or calling us at 9911116749. We can continue the PG process via email, phone or Skype calls.

Yes, we do ship internationally. We get clients from all over the world and we love to work with them and cater to their vivid taste and preference. The shipping rate and delivery time depends on the size and volume of the package and the delivery location.

Yes, we do ship internationally. We get clients from all over the world and we love to work with them and cater to their vivid taste and preference. The shipping rate and delivery time depends on the size and volume of the package and the delivery location.

What forms of payments are accepted?