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Wedding Invitation Trends That We Should Say Bye To

Not all wedding invitations can steal your guests hearts, specially if you opt for an old wedding invite trend. Here is a curation of the top wedding invitation trends that are a big no-no in 2020.

With the advancement in technology and availability of internet, things are changing at a faster pace and so is the trend. What was new 2 years back, has now become an age-old trend and it goes true for all things.

Wedding stationery becomes the talk of the town during the wedding season. Wedding invites play a vital role in this. Your guest will get a picture of what’s in store for them on the D-day by seeing your invite. The primary purpose of sending a wedding invite is briefing the guest about the date and time of different events and giving them a glimpse of your wedding aesthetic. If your wedding is near, then it’s time to brush of your self and say goodbye to these patterns of wedding invite:

1. Lace Style wedding invitation

These have just lost their elegance and charm when you go for choosing them as a pattern for your invite. People just look at the dates and the wedding venue and ignore the card because the pattern is now common and nothing to be surprised or impressed of. Go with a trendy design and choose from amongst the new trending wedding invitation designs.

Description: cheap-romantic-laser-cut-lace-wedding-invitation-EWLS037.jpg

2. Laser Cut Style

Back were the days when the use of stencils or cutting shape of an object was in fashion. You might have even stopped receiving a laser cut style card. Using paper for calligraphy or cutting it into a shape, gained popularity when the concept was new, but now every single person knows the idea and nothing unique will come out in your card. Now the invites are not limited to paper cutting but have evolved into a pre-wedding photoshoot video or a Virtual reality wedding card. Try a new wedding invitation design with Puneet Gupta Invitations and get your card customized as per your dream wedding.

3. Traditional Wedding Invite

You parents might have still kept their card safe as a memory of their big day but the truth is that the traditional style of having an image of Dulha and Dulhan and their Doli has lost its charm. Time has come to switch to a Cartoon or Caricature style card where you can use the face of bride and groom as per your theme and colour. You can also send an Origami Style wedding where closing and opening the card is fun every time.

4. Floral Print Wedding Card

Floral pattern is what we receive everyday be it for a business meeting or for a seminar invite. People generally associate it with formal invitation and you may not get the same response as you are expecting from people when they’ll open your card. Instead opt for a watercolour based invite with Puneet Gupta Invitations. Book your appointment and get an amazing style card for your wedding.

Remember, you have some amazing ideas and plans for your wedding and you want people to remember your wedding stationary and wedding invitations for years.

So, these are some of the wedding invitation trends we need to say bye to in 2020. Which style are you bored of? Let us know in the comment section.

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