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Wedding Invitation Trends That are Here To Stay In 2021

Invitation Cards or Wedding invites are the first glimpse of your big day and it ought to be the best part of your Wedding. However, wedding invitation trends and patterns keep changing every year. Everyone wants to be a trendsetter and want their first wedding communication to be classy and on-point. But there are some invite designs that will always look as trendy as they were earlier.

COVID-19 has disturbed 2020 Weddings and the majority of them had to postpone their D-day and shift it to 2021 which means that not just the couples but also the guests are expecting the best from the weddings to come. Do not think that keeping a classy and unique invite would be a big investment. You can get a classy and elegant invite even in your budget.

You can also DIY the card or choose some reasonable yet stylish wedding invite company and get the perfect wedding invite.

So here is our list of Top wedding invitation trends that you will still see in 2021-

1. Try Vellum Paper

Vellum is a semi translucent paper that gives a modern and serene touch to the invite. It can be coupled with a solid colour envelope which would be visible from both the sides.

On this vellum paper, you can use floral print or add pastel shades to write the invite text. You can even go for a simple watercolor effect on the paper. Just add a contrast ribbon or a wedding seal when sending the invite and get going with the preparations.

Wedding Invitation

2. Go Eco-Friendly: Save the Tree

With a lot more awareness and more people coming forward and thinking of sustainable living, eco-friendly wedding invites are gaining momentum. People are now choosing for eco-friendly, recycled papers and materials to come up with unique and fancy invite ideas to announce their wedding date.

You can use recycled papers or use any traditional or local items or things to make a DIY wedding invite. You have to live and breathe even after the wedding, so why damage the environment.

Wedding Invitation

3. Deckled-edge paper

Not everyone wants a lot of colours and fancy things for the wedding invite. If you like minimalism too, these papers are made for your wedding. Deckled-edge paper is a paper that is trimmed and can be trimmed as you want it to look. Just a little calligraphy for putting all the important details for the invitees and you’ll be done. It is mostly for people who are tilted towards sophistication and want to keep it straight.

Wedding Invitation

4. Send Plant with a Small Note

Plants are the new cool thing to send out as wedding favours. With such hectic work schedule and busy life, your closed ones need peace and freshness around them. So why not send an air-purifying plant or an indoor plant with a small invite around the flower pot. You can even get your wedding text inked on the pot itself.

Wedding Invitation

5. Letterpress

Not really a trendy pattern but letterpress has always enhanced the beauty of the marriage card. Letterpress is a classy way of printing the content on a plate and then carefully pressing it on a thick paper of your choice. Keep the colour of the paper and the impression in contrast choosing the font and size of the letter as you want it.

You can also sync the font you are choosing on the card for all signages you would be putting during the different wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Invitation

6. Acrylic Pattern for the Invite

An adorable and elegant wedding invite idea that adds premiumness to your wedding. To change the same boring pattern, keep a different size of acrylic pattern paper. Write the first even on the smallest size.  This way the wedding acrylic insert will be the biggest in size. On the smallest paper, you also write about sangeet and barat timings. Thread all the sheets with a matching ribbon or jute thread.

Wedding Invitation

7. Thematic Wedding Invites

Whatever is the theme of the wedding, you can design the card as per the same theme. If you want the guest to be in pastel shades, you can print a pastel shade card. If it is a beach wedding, then let that be explicit so that your invitees can be prepared for the day. If you choose a specific taste or culture, then you can ask your wedding card designer to go with the same theme.

Wedding Invitation

8. Colourful and Minimal Design

For those who do not want to invest much time, money and energy in the invitation card, all you can do is to just choose your favourite colour picture and think of a catchy and simple line to let people know of the important dates and venue.

Simple and elegant card can never go out of trend and has also been the best option for people who don’t want a big fat Indian Wedding.

Wedding Invitation

Puneet Gupta Invitations is one of the most luxurious and elegant wedding invitation boutiques in India. Every legendary party begins with an unforgettable invitation. PGI is known for crafting the bride and groom’s personality in the wedding invite and each of the designs is inspired by the idea of originality and uniqueness so wherever your invite goes, people look forward to coming on your Big Day. With more than a decade of legacy, Puneet Gupta Invitations has worked with clients from all around the world and have gained multi-cultural experience.

Planning a wedding is not easy these days because with expectations and viewpoints of the couple and their families have changed immensely. Some might want to work on a low budget while some are blessed with a good financial budget. So, choose the best of the wedding invitation design company who will understand your budget and get your invite designed exactly how you want your invite to be.

RSVP with Puneet Gupta today. Let him know your idea of your big day and he’ll present the best within your budget. But before you go, let both the bride & groom family sit together and discuss to avoid mis-match.

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