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Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020

Are you getting married in 2020? Here are the best wedding invitation trends that you can try.

Every legendary party begins with an unforgettable invitation. With time, the idea and concept of sending a wedding invite have evolved. To cater to the need of the Modern-day clients, Puneet Gupta Invitations offers customized and unique Wedding Cards.

Invites are not just paper and print but are a blend of high-quality products with a luxurious format. We hear our clients and put forth before them the exact image of what they are expecting for the wedding invite. After receiving a good response for the wedding season 2020 even during these tough times, here is what we concluded as the

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020:

Cartoon/ Caricature Wedding Invite

Wedding Invitation Trends

Add fun to your wedding invite by setting your favourite theme. Get it personalized by adding your face on the invite and make it look unique. It can be made better by putting in innovative typography. You can add cartoons too to make it fun for the people who open it.

The colour and font can be in sync with the invite look. At Puneet Gupta Invitations, we make will make sure your caricature wedding invite is executed beautifully and is the best in the town.

Video E-invite/E-invite

The technology advancement is at rise and people spending more time on the internet. Owing to this, the trend of sending E-invite either in an image form or in a video form is at rise.

For E-invite, we use unique graphic patterns and colour to make your e-invite appealing and impressive while putting all the necessary information in a beautiful way. You can even get a Whatsapp e video prepared with vibrant colour and background music of your choice and as per the theme. Video invite can even be customised differently for different people as per location, choice of theme, and music.

Pre-wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding Shoot

This is the most recent of all format, where the couple take out a full day from the busy schedule just to let you know about their big day. It involves booking a good photographer and a person who can guide you with the perfect pose and move.

This new idea helps the couple to capture their real moments, expression and emotions and let their invitees know their real love and affection.

Origami Wedding Invitation

Origami Wedding Invitation

What originated in Japan has now become a trend and is an excellent way of folding papers as per your idea of the invite and reaching out to people in an elegant style. We use high-quality paper and prepare a crease-free card which is folded with an interesting concept.

Our innovative idea and high-quality material bring out a luxurious wedding card.

Water Colour Based Invite

Water Colour Based Invite

To play with colours and calligraphy and match with the bride or grooms dress colour and theme, we give a whimsical water colour effect to your marriage card.

These cards are soft, natural, subtle, gorgeous and an elegant way to invite your people for the D-Day.

Virtual Reality Based Wedding Invitation

Virtual Reality Based Wedding Invitation

Mix the digital world with the physical world. Let your guest scan the digital card and enter into the world of mesmerizing video and music while getting invited to your big day. You can add personalized songs, video, your message, and reach people with a personal touch.

Select the best from the available options and turn your wedding into a memorable affair that is cherished for a very long time. At Puneet Gupta Invitations, we were given an option to book an appointment with designer. You can share all the details and we will suggest you the best wedding invitation trends.

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