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Virtual Wedding Celebration Tips During COVID-19.

Are Big Fat Indian Weddings shifting towards virtual wedding celebrations? Know more about it here.

Be it during tough times, arrange marriages, or same-gender marriages, Love always finds its way. It is true that Love sees no boundary. Be it any hurdle, together we can cross it. It has been proved to be correct even during COVID-19. 

Amid the Coronavirus Lockdown, those who planned their wedding this season had to either postpone it or find creative ways to get married. But, guess what? Be it a wedding, ring ceremony, or any other wedding function people are making it happen without any delay. Lockdown has shifted people to the world of Virtual Reality without compromising on their wedding schedule.

Virtual Wedding During Lockdown

Who knew that virtual reality would take over the traditional wedding scenes? The Internet and technology are playing an important role during this wedding season. Due to lockdown, it is prohibited to have a gathering of more than 50 people at a wedding to avoid the spread or transmission of the virus. Hence, the couples are live-streaming their wedding over a video call with their closed ones. Thus, making it memorable even during COVID-19.

Here are some other creative ways to make your virtual wedding memorable and unique:

1. Sent an E-invite

For those who can’t wait for the virus to go, it is time to make your virtual wedding a memorable moment. Invite your closed ones via e-invite which could be circulated either through WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram. Puneet Gupta Invitation works on different types of e-invites. These creative e-invites are designed as per your demand and need. You can even make a small video and send out an video e-invite.

virtual wedding e-invite

2. Arrange a video call

If you want to avoid contact with people and practice social-distancing, then arrange for a video call. The Internet has brought people around the globe even closer. We are able to keep in touch with even our relatives who are not living in the same city. So, you can either use Google Meet, Zoom, Namaste India or any other app to invite people.

virtual wedding zoom video call

Have a good network, sit near your screen and go for it. For those relatives who can’t manage the call, get the wedding recoded and send them on mails.

3. Bake Your Cake

With whatever you have at home, try an easy recipe, and bake your own wedding cake. We are sure personalized arrangements like these will always be remembered by you and your partner.

4. Get a Virtual Wedding Hashtag

Don’t miss out on the fun element. Go creative and get a cool wedding hashtag. Make a WhatsApp group for your wedding and let others know about the tag they have to use on the photos. Take and discuss ideas and have a DIY wedding.

virtual wedding hashtag

5. Choreograph your Wedding Dance 

Choreograph your sangeet and let the fun begin. Share it with people, perform for them on a video call, and make them feel real.

For those having a joint family or living in the green zone can invite a maximum of 50 people to their wedding. However, wearing masks, gloves, using sanitizer, maintaining 6 ft distance, and no sharing of utensils is a mandatory practice. 

Why compromise on the wedding date or on your special day when you can make the wedding possible even with all the hurdles on your plate. Together we can fight the wedding lockdown blues and make it special. Let’s make your special day memorable and unique even during these tough times. After all, you only get married once (Technically).

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