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Vintage Soiree Pop Up Fairytale Book Wedding Invitations

A vintage soiree is an ode to the old world charm of the British museum, which is an inspiration for millions of people. Started way back in 1823, the museum has helped in the evolution of the British citizens ever since. Crafted using leatherite side border and vintage parchment paper, the wedding invitation has been designed to look like a classic fairytale book rather than a mere wedding invitation. The minimal metal leather clasp paired with handcrafted 3D metal butterflies, the visual aesthetics of the book invitation are symbolic of the old British books that Prince Charles had and displayed at the Buckingham Palace, London, The wedding logo has also been crafted on the lines of the crest of the royal British family.

Vintage Soiree

The invitation has been designed to exude timeless elegance and classic taste of the client. Every frame of the invitation is a blend of monarchial British elements, royalties of London and client’s love for iconography and vintage lifestyle.

Setting the tone with vintage parchment paper, the invitation starts by creating a connection between the couple and the viewer. The 3D pop up of hot air balloon and vintage florals adds to the little brief about the couple’s enchanting love story. The concept of adding bookmarks has been used in an explorative way by prompting the details of the mehendi event. As it was a cross-cultural wedding, the book invitation had details about wedding rituals of both the cultures-Hindu and Sikh.

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The graphical elements on the left flap of the invitation book have been intricate designed to match the theme of the wedding event and the overall visual appeal of the invite. With quirky tagline like ‘Lekin Party Abhi Baaki Hai’ to signify the wedding reception, the fairytale invite depicted the sojourn of two star-crossed lovers in a subtle yet exquisite manner. Besides creating a book invitation with all the wedding details, a separate book invitation was also designed with just the reception details for an odd list of 1000 guests.

The book invitation was accompanied with a bigger book with similar visual aesthetics but instead of a diary, it acted as a keepsake for the wedding invites. With two handmade brocade potlis with dry fruits, the second invitation box as based on the idea of promoting utility based invitations. Wedding guests usually ditch the typical sweet boxes that they receive, but the book shaped favour box is something, that the guests will cherish forever due to the fine quality of materials used.

Wedding Invitations

From digital print to offset printing, every technique used to craft this fairytale book invitation was executed with utmost precision and dedication. Hand gold gliding on leather, raised gold foiling, gold embossing, Blind UV, laser cutting, metal cutting were other techniques used to achieve the desired result.

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