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Once Upon a Lifetime Pop Up Book Fairtytale Invite For Ras-Al-Khaimah Wedding

Every parent wants that their daughter’s best day is as beautiful as any fairytale wedding and the client wanted this simple thought to be executed in the most exuberant manner. Just like they cherish their memories with their beloved daughter, they wanted their guests to cherish the memories of this fairytale wedding for lifetime. The idea started resonating around story books and culminated into a neoteric concept of creating a graphic theme fairytale coffee table book with interesting use of 3D paper pop-ups.

Fairytale books are all about grandeur and elegance therefore we used sketchy colorful rendering to weave together the elements of the destination and the wedding décor. Every pop-up scene was the concomitant of the intricate detailing of Ras-al-Khaimah elements. The invite acted as an emotional reminisce for the guests, when they used to read these fairytale stories. This connect was possible because we did not incorporate any typical Indian wedding motifs or the invitee’s pictures in the book and every element, from the text to the sketches is a flawless portrayal of a fairytale in the making.

USP: The use of paper pop-up techniques to create 3D scenes of the events was not only astounding but also encompassed the USP of this whimsical fairytale invite. The Kinetic pop-ups added an element of movement and surprise to the overall invitation concept.

Theme: The amalgamation of Ras Al Khamiah elements with 3D pop up scenes were like resembled trailers of the actual events that were witnessed by the guests, once they reached the destination.

Color Palette: Ice Blue, Frost, Silk, camel, sand brushed with gloss gold shaped the primary palette for the design.

Event Synergy: Inspired by the picturesque dunes of Ras Al Khaimah, the theme was interweaved through the various elements of the wedding- invitation, collaterals, gift box, popcorn tubs, hang-over kits, favors room key holders, thank you notes and travel itinerary to name a few.

The client’s foremost preference was for an invite that the guests can keep in their homes forever unlike the typical cardboard boxes that are scraped off from one’s shelf with time. Chic European design, scintillating grace and fairytale craze were other prerequisites.

Choosing Ras-Al-Khaimah for Destination Wedding

Magnificent landscapes, sprawling oasis, sun-baked desserts, and the beautiful camel troops made Ras-al-khaimah the perfect destination for this fairytale wedding. Every venue of this destination added apodictic royalty and a nonchalant charm to the wedding which was also well showcased in the invitation card, favor box, and personalized wedding stationery.


The invite perfectly embodied the elements of the destination and the wedding décor. From the wedding logo to the 3D pop-ups in the book to the event collaterals, every element is a reflection of this destination. The logo is beautifully sketched with an ice blue ribbon and an entourage of camels leading to a palace in the oasis and gold-embossed PA initials next to a coconut tree and a heart-shaped cloud. Arabic script and motifs, UAE stamp, Ras-al-Khaimah Travel Must-haves, Arabian lamps are well presented through delicate illustrations. The sublime beauty of the invite is further elevated with the Pearl White satin cassette cover for the book and the gold embossed wedding logo on it.

This ‘Once upon a lifetime’ invite starts with the narration of Princess Priyanka’s simple life that transformed into a fairytale when she met her Prince Aashay. The story further leads to a formal invite to the wedding celebrations in Ras Al Khaimah. A 3D passport and travel essentials along with a monochrome world map in the background and a ‘PA’ initial aeroplane kinetically moving to Ras Al Khaimah form a part of this formal invite. The fingerprint of the prince and the princess are also etched in the invite in the form of a beautiful red heart that is symbolic of the bond the couple share.

The viewer is then transported into a world of ancient Arabic lamps and traditional hookahs with the second pop up of the Basata Desert camp. The Arabic motif border, golden thread fringes on the bottom of the lamp and colored glass replica on the lamp add an authentic feel to this desert pop up.

To further build up the excitement, the third pop up was all about having fun in the sun. Oranges, lime green paper lanterns and yellow umbrellas were an integral part of the beach party décor and the pop up as well. Every décor element has been thoughtfully placed in this fairytale book so that its adds to the graphic quotient.

Leading to a starry night at the golf course, is the fourth pop up where a pictorial presentation of men in black tuxedos and women in red gowns were celebrating the bond of love. The moon with the shape and texture of a golf ball and European styled table and chairs placed at the golf course add to the feel of the venue and the event.

The ‘once upon a time’ book invite comes to an end with the moment of love pop-up, wherein the princess is leaning in to give the prince a ‘Happily ever after’ kiss. The monochrome wedding logo is used as a background pattern to retrospect the essence of the destination and this fairytale wedding.

The event stationery and giveaways were an extension of this beautifully crafted book. The exterior of the ‘happily ever after’ favor box was a replica of the fairytale invite. On opening the favor box, was a 3D camel cutout with various sections for the dates. The interplay of 3D cutout was to make the viewer believe that the dates were mounted on the camel hump. To add a personalized touch and to maintain the emotional connect with the guests who attended the exuberant celebrations, a thanking letter was scribbled on the other side of the favor box. The other collaterals of the wedding included, luggage tags, room key card holders, pocket itinerary, pop corn tubs, thank you cards.

To convert a simple thought into a larger than life pictorial presentation formed an initial barrier for us. We were not supposed to design an invite; we had to present lifelong emotions of loving parents in a ‘forever cherished’ portraiture.  A profound research on the destination and fairytale books mellowed in this kaleidoscopic ‘Once upon a lifetime’ invite.

The crafting of these pop-ups was also a challenge in a way because we were experimenting with this art for the first time. The treatment was supposed to be dreamy but yet maintain the thin line between an adult book and a children’s book.

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