Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings vs Big Fat Indian Weddings

We all know that Indian weddings involve a lot of discussion and chaos. From deciding the dress code to selecting the perfect venue, everything becomes a big discussion. Indian weddings have always been the talk of the town with weeklong celebrations and rituals. While rituals cannot be compromised, it is upon you and your family to choose whether you want a big fat Indian wedding or an intimate wedding.

As soon as your rishta is fixed, you may be confused as to how to proceed with your wedding. To avoid making a wrong decision and regretting later, here we are to help you in deciding the wedding type.

Intimate Wedding or A Big Fat Indian Wedding?

Intimate Wedding

Big fat Indian weddings

Indian weddings have always been a fun affair where you call all your relatives and it becomes an extravaganza. From grandparents to your small niece, all turn up to make your wedding a memorable event. However, it is not just the relatives but you invite all those whom your parents know or have known.

Pros of a Big fat Indian wedding

  1.  Blessings of all: You make sure to call everyone you know and take their blessings. A good time to make memories and reunite with people whom you have not met for a long time.
  2. Destination wedding: While some may book a hall for a week and organize all rituals, you may also choose to go for a destination wedding at your dream place with amazing scenic beauty and feel.
  3. Event Manager: You will choose the best event manager to plan your wedding week. This will help you to enjoy your wedding without any worries. From catering to decoration, everything will be as you wanted it to be. It will be a truly cherishable lifetime memory for you, your better half, and your families.
  • Wedding Goals: You organize a theme wedding with a lot of creativity and love, And don’t forget about the experimental dress style for every Indian ritual like Haldi, Manda, Chak, etc. Many decide to keep different cuisines for different days to keep the wedding fever high.

Cons of a Big fat Indian wedding

  1. Extravagant Expense: Agreed, that your wedding is a dream day. But think of the unnecessary expenses you will do. All the money that was saved from years will be spent within a week. It creates pressure for middle-class families and has now become a trend where the family suffers a lot.
  2. Interfering relatives: Even though you have done your best to make your wedding look rosy and attractive, your relatives will still find some mistakes. These classic mistakes will be in the food quality or decoration style. They are just looking for a topic to gossip about for long.
  3. Compromise on Rituals: Just to go with the flow and not spoil your wedding video and photos, you may have to adjust with a few important rituals or customs that were a part of your family wedding.

Not just these, when you make it a public affair all your relatives and family friend will be after your unmarried brothers and sisters to find out “

Intimate wedding


With time, couples and family have evolved. They understand the idea of having an intimate wedding with just the dear ones around the couple to shower their blessings. From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, you can surely follow their footstep and have an intimate affair. An Intimate weddinghelps you to fulfil all your dreams in a small budget.

Pros of An Intimate wedding

  1. Quality time: With limited wedding guests, you can give equal time to all those who are invited and make them feel special.
  • Save a lot of Money: You may choose a small place with a good scenic beauty or even your home to get married. Even with the basics, you will make your wedding a memorable lifetime affair.
  • DIY: You can experiment a lot and can be more creative. You can implement your ideas in a small place where you can do anything of your choice without worrying as to ‘Log kya kahenge’. With DIY, you can save your money and use it in a productive way.
  • No Stress: You don’t have to worry about the big guest list and their accommodation. No worries of food shortage and more importantly you don’t have to keep touching the feet of people you don’t know yet.

Cons of Intimate wedding

  1. Finding a venue is difficult: You might end up spending more on the wedding because sometimes whatever may be the number of guests you have to pay the same amount for the venue. You may then have to compromise on your favourite venue and choose an alternative.
  2. Pressure from relatives: In a big fat Indian wedding, you invite all your relatives and those who have invited you to their family function. But in an intimate wedding, a small guest list will hurt those you have not called but where expected.
  3. Conflict: While deciding the wedding guest list, there might be a dispute as to who is important and who is not. Couples may end up fighting with their families while deciding who they want to call for their wedding.


While there are different types of weddings, it depends on the couple and their family to choose the wedding type. With merit and demerit of both listed above, you may still pull-off either of them in your own way. It also depends on how your family has decided to adjust to the new wedding trends and how you gel up with the family tradition.

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