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Gurmeet Choudhary & Debina Bannerjee Baby Announcement Hampers


A baby girl is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. Welcoming Baby Lianna Choudhary to this beautiful world.

First, let’s know about Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee

One of the most loved celebrity couples worldwide is actor Gurmeet Choudhary and his lovely wife Debina Bonnerjee. Debina and Gurmeet first met and fanned the flames of their relationship in a reality TV show. The couple, which formed initially while they were shooting for their television show Ramayan, found love in each other despite all odds and hardship that came their way during this time period. After the two actors fell in love on the set of this daily soap drama series, there has been no looking back ever since – with them getting married and eventually having a daughter together named Lianna.

All About Baby Lianna Choudhary’s Arrival

After a lot of brainstorming with Power Couple Gurmeet Choudhary & Debina Bannerjee on how to mark the arrival of baby girl Lianna to the world, we came up with the idea of sending a Hot air balloon to all the near and dear ones symbolic of how the angelic baby daughter has arrived down in their lap from the sky. All shades of candy pinks were used in a handmade tutu dress basket with a rose gold pink glitter balloon and a personalized note on the balloon announcing the arrival of Lianna. 

The hamper had lots of personalised details from a customised confetti to Baby L monogrammed choco cones to rainbow candy cookies to box of gourmet Pop corns saying – She Popped! Lots of fun phrases were used in the packing of the Hamper. 

Apart from this some lovely jute tutu dress bags were also custom made for Lianna sent out as a token of love from her filled with box of handmade goodness from PG Gourmet having twinkle twinkle cookies to Casatta biscuits to other unique personalised edible gifts. The vibe is very organic and rustic chic using just as the base material. 

“Baby Girls are like little bundles of hope, like the future in a basket, a little angel from heaven indeed. This is what resonated with us when we thought of baby Lianna’s name announcement hamper.” – Puneet Gupta, Founder, Puneet Gupta Invitations

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