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Festive Bridal Trousseau Trunks by Puneet Gupta

The old era witnessed the Maharajas and Maharanis carrying their personal belongings in hefty boxes and sandooks while traveling. Inspired by this regal way of storage and baggage, these trousseau trunks bring together the historical elements with intricate design details. As a gesture to pamper the brides on the onset of their royal Indian wedding, Puneet Gupta Fine Crafted Goods launched its trousseau collection of Mughal pop Trousseau trunks. These bespoke pieces of art are being developed in India for the first time with the sole aim of revolutionising the way brides carry their belongings to their new home.

Our trunks celebrate the richness of Indian handlooms and textiles and connect one to their Indian roots. There is a vast change from how trunks have been evolved and how they are being used now. Started with an idea to show off personal belongings in heavy boxes and sandooks, now trunks are all about adding royal pomp and luxuriousness to our Indian festivals.

Festive Bridal Trousseau Trunks

The neo vintage feel and classy outlook of these sandooks and trunks have reinvented the way clients indulge in festive gifting. Instead of opting for mundane platters and sweet boxes, they want their gift packaging to be more luxurious than the gift they are sending out. With this viewpoint in mind, they opt for larger than life trunks and sandooks that bring back the old world’s charm and make it a special festive occasion. These trunks allow one to embrace their cultural diversity and allow them to be a part of the festive traditions in an exuberant manner.

Festive Bridal Trousseau Trunks

Each trunk is interweaved around a romantic tale that shows the concoction of two worlds, just like a woman’s present love story. Each trunk shows the hard conflicts that she has been through and still stands strong to portray her beautiful persona. These trunks are a reflection of the pure bond she shares with her family and will always be her prized possession in her new world.

Festive Bridal Trousseau Trunks

We have revolutionised the concept by intermixing traditional with contemporary. We focus on digital printing and hand embroidery and our designs have a very vintage feel and romantic enchanteur to them. We develop prints and delicate embroidery of maharajas, maharanis, dancing peacocks, royal jharokhas and other royal indian motifs. The look is further enhanced with the help of embellished Indian jewels, zari work, semi precious stones, kundan work, mirror work, pom pom etc. The amalgamation of all these elements give these trunks a royal and elegant look.

Festive Bridal Trousseau Trunks

Bespoke hand-embroidered trunks have steer some heat and are on top of the charts. Handcrafted floral printed trunks and animal printed trunks have also attracted a lot of people. Some brides want to get their initials printed on the trunks, some want their wedding date to be etched on these trousseau pieces. And it’s not just Indian clients who are mesmerised by these storage trunks, clients from all over the world are opting for these trousseau trunks as it gives them a chance to carry their personal belongings with panache and style.

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