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Do’s and Don’ts of the Wedding Invitation

Getting the perfect wedding invite can be tricky if you do not work with an understanding wedding invitation designer.

Designing a perfect wedding invitation becomes difficult as many of us are confused about what theme and pattern to choose for the wedding invite. It is not just about choosing a theme but you also have to get it coordinated with the wedding colour combination and your venue.

Wedding invite is known for leaving the first impression on your guests and hence it is important to get a personalized invite from a well know designer who will understand your requirement. He already has an invitation checklist of mistakes and confusion that you should avoid in your wedding invitation. However, before you finalize and schedule a visit to your wedding invite designer, here is a list of Do’s and Don’t you have to keep in mind before finalizing your wedding invite.

Do’s for a Wedding Invite

Wedding Invitation

Be Consistent with the wedding theme

If you are going for a destination wedding, your theme should be sync with the location and so should your wedding invitation. Let your guests be aware of the colour or theme of the party so that they may match with you and your ideas.

Be different

Go for a unique wedding invite and don’t just stick to the traditional pattern of layout. With Puneet Gupta, your card would be a blend of art and creativity which will make it unique and would keep your guests excited even after the wedding. Finding the best designer for your wedding invite should be the priority on your wedding invitation checklist.

Put in the details

Wedding Invitation

It is important to clearly lay down the dates and events with emphasis on the timings of the different events or rituals. While there may be small events where you would only like to call your close relatives, you can go for two separate cards to avoid confusion.

Put it in a pattern: Name of the event, date and time.

Write the full name

On your wedding invitation envelope, write the full name of your guest, i.e., don’t just mention surname or Mrs & Mr. For example: write Mrs. and Mr. Sushma Singh. This looks more personal and will make your guests feel special.

Bride’s name first

It is advisable to put in the bride name first as it shows your etiquettes and shifts from the age-old custom of prioritizing a specific gender. You can even write your profession if it goes with your idea of the wedding invite.

Keep RSVP Online

Wedding Invitation

With shift in work life and majority of us moving towards online work and trend, it is better to keep your RSVP online to confirm the invitees. It would be simple and convenient for all and for the old generation, you may simply add a mobile number of the wedding manager.

Do design the direction

In case of destination wedding, keep a small portion of the invite for laying out the guide of reaching the venue. In case of local wedding, just writing the name and complete address would do.

These are some of the important requirements on a wedding invitation checklist that should be kept in mind before finalizing the marriage card. From there, your designer would help you in adding or removing some details which would make the wedding invite classic yet elegant.

Don’ts of a Wedding Invite

Traditional wedding cards are simple and have almost a similar format for every wedding. Couples nowadays are looking for attractive invites as invite plays a pivotal role in changing the mood of your wedding guest. It makes them excited for the date to come. While the new design and layout are attractive, here are a few things to avoid in your wedding invitation.

Don’t dictate the theme

While you may plan your theme or dress code on the invite, it should also be suggestive or optional and not dictative. Plan it in a way so that it looks optional or you may spread it via word-of-mouth.

Don’t paste the name on the envelope

Do not take a print out of the guest list and paste a sticker on the wedding invitation envelope. Try handwriting it or choose different ways of putting the guest’s name.

Don’t use too many fonts

Wedding Invitation

Use a single font throughout. Three or more font on the same card does not look good and is too novice for a wedding invite. Make sure to choose a readable format, take suggestions from your wedding invitation designer.

Don’t put too much information

Stick to the necessary details and a personal note on the invite. Don’t write the name of all the relatives, all your qualifications, etc. Let the guest know your special date and request them to grace their presence and shower their blessings.

Don’t prohibit children

Wedding Invitation

You like it or not, you cannot mention anywhere in the card to not bring the children as it is rude and negative. Many of them won’t like it and will skip your wedding in anger while others might not have an option to send their kids somewhere will not come for the wedding.

Don’t forget to add meal choice in RSVP

If you’re going for Online RSVP, add a meal choice in it to avoid wastage or shortage of food. People now keep a small guest list to have a budget-friendly and intimate wedding. In such a case, you are obliged to cater to the taste and choice of your invitees and make your wedding a memorable affair for everyone.

These are a few of the important wedding invitation checklist which should be written somewhere to avoid last-minute chaos or errors. Don’t wait till the end to make your guest list and sending the invite. This way you may miss a few of the important people or make mistakes that cannot be changed as you are too late in sending the invite.

Trying keeping a physical wedding card as it can be safely kept by your close relatives as a memory. Though E-invites are budget-friendly, it may be deleted or missed. For Save-the-date or engagements, you may choose an e-invite and then send an elegant event invitation for the wedding.

Keep up with the grammar and most importantly be clear on the dates and timing of different events around your wedding.

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