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Adel Sana Wedding Invite | Dil Dhadkne Do Cruise Wedding

A nautical theme is sure to capture the whimsical and romantic essence of one’s wedding and when it is paired with the concept of Cruise wedding, it lays a path for an unparalleled experience for the wedding guests. Inspired by the couple’s love for Bollywood movies, the idea of a Cruise wedding was intermixed with the grandeur of a desi flick, Dil Dhadakne Do. Fabricating the main theme for the wedding invite, the tone was set to sea-inspired hues along with a tinge of gold.

It was a four day that took place across three different locations, Spain followed by France and finally deboarding at Italy. A beautiful memorabilia of the actual cruise ship along with boarding passes was sent out to the guests. There was a different boarding pass designed for each mentioning the sub theme and specific dress code. a vintage wedding invitation boarding pass ticket to the cruise wedding added beautifully to the grandeur of the wedding. Inspired by the poster of the movie Dil Dhakadne Do, images of the couple along with the grooms parent’s relaxing on a pool side chair was incorporated.

Adel Sana Wedding Invite

From beautiful typography to ancient gold anchor to a small flag on the cruise, every bit of the invite was designed in sync with this nautical soiree. The wedding stationery and collaterals were also intertwined with the Bollywood inspired wedding theme. Coasters, water bottle, wedding itinerary, DND doorknob, paper napkins and keycards added to the magnificent sojourn in the midst of the ocean.

The concept was built keeping in mind three words- ‘Sleek, light and easy to ship’. The client desired for something that was easy to ship since they had guests coming from all over the world. They were having a Cruise wedding so they wanted their invite to be in sync with it.

Luxury Wedding Invite

The wonderful grandness of the Mediterranean Sea, the fresh breeze of the European Currents and the glittery sky over the blue waves surrounded the perfect landscape for Adel and Sana’s wedding. The luxury cruise liner selected for the wedding was itself inspired by film stars, exotics locations and memorable international celebrities. For Adel and Sana having a cruise wedding on Concordia-Class Cost Fascinosa cruise liner was a dream come true. Starting with a specially crafted “Dil Dhadakne Do” ship moduled wedding invite with a boarding pass styled itinerary, the concept of cruise wedding was initially interweaved in every element of the wedding invitation and stationery.

Dil Dhadakne Do

The miniature of the luxury cruise liner acted as a trail for all the fun and frolic memories they would be making at the Dil Dhakadne Do cruise wedding. A mustard funnel bearing the letter ‘C’, intricately carved decks with mustard and blue detailing signifying pool areas, added to the visual aesthetics of the cruise.

Featuring the wedding hashtag #SANADEL, the wedding invitation was divided into four different inserts, all in the form of an actual boarding pass to the cruise. Each insert featured information related to the sprawling wedding celebrations spread across four days, at different locations with a specific sub theme and dress code for each event. The first boarding pass had details related to Day 1, which kicked off with the theme ‘Girls like to swing’ and ‘Retro Revival’ as the dress code. Their sangeet was set for day 2 with the theme ‘Gallan Goodiyan and ‘Ethnic Regal’ as the dress code followed by the baraat on Day 3. The sub theme for day 3 was ‘Pehli Baar’ and everyone was dressed in their best ‘Indian Traditional’ attires. This frolic affair came to an end with the lavish theme ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ where everyone was dressed in ‘Elegant White’.

The event stationery and giveaways were an extension of this luxurious wedding invite. The wedding collaterals included keycard, Do not disturb doorknobs, paper napkins, water bottle labels and coasters. A wedding itinerary ‘Dil Dhadakne Do with Adel and Sana’ was also sent out to the guests.

Wedding Invitation

We wanted the invite to act as the resemblance of the actual event, therefore we laid great emphasis on crafting the cruise model similar to the the actual cruise liner. We carefully studied the structure and intricate detailing of the cruise liner. Every shape, cut, colour coding was according to the luxury cruise liner- Concordia-Class Cost Fascinosa. To accomplish this task, techniques like velvet finishing, hot foil stamping and gold plating were used. The ship model was then fixated on a base signifying the great ocean with words ‘Dil Dhadakne Do with Adel and Sana’ inscribed on it.

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