6 Steps to Take if Your Wedding Date is Shifted

Coronavirus has put everything at stake. While the business and normal working of the household is affected, one could not predict that the virus would spoil one of the special days, i.eTheir Marriage. All those who are now planning their wedding, have a fear and a constant reminder that Coronavirus may cause some unprecedented situation or issue. Before finalizing the venue and date, you have to figure out the state guidelines and local laws of the place where the marriage will take place.

But, do not worry. You are not alone in this, many of our couples are managing and postponing their wedding date with a heavy heart. What matters, in the end, is Love, and it will prevail forever. So, do not worry. Here we bring to you some simple and easy ways to shift your wedding date without worries:

6 Must-Do To Announce New Wedding Date

1. Talk to Your Vendors

The venue, caterer, stylist are a few of the many places where you have invested the most. When it comes to shifting the wedding date, you have to first talk to them. You might have already given a small token of pre-deposit which is sometimes non-refundable. Request them to deduct only a small percent of pre-deposit and refund the money. If not, you may sit and discuss and let them know the issues you are facing with the fixed date. Plan a new date or freeze things at the moment.

2. Plan the Finance

Other than pre-deposit at big places, you might have bought a lot of things as per the current trend or something with a shelf life of a few days. Take a deep breath and think of how else you can use it. Think about what is the provision of return of the items you have already bought. E-commerce offers 15-30 days of the return policy, so if you have recently purchased something online, you can return it as well.

Moreover, start afresh with your family and discuss how to move ahead with the plan with less wastage and loss.

3. Time to have a One-to-One Conversation

It is not that tomorrow you’ll get up and coronavirus would be no more. It would take time for the vaccine to come and to be available to all. It will take a few more months to settle. With no worries and tension, be calm and sit with your partner and discuss. Know what he/she is planning and the way to go ahead with the wedding.

It may be possible that you both may come down to an intimate wedding with just closed ones around you. Indians love to celebrate everything in a grand affair. So, if there are chances of a big-fat Indian wedding, think of a plan of action. Finalize whether to go for a small set-up or postpone and plan a date after a few months.

4. Talk to your Family

For those finding it difficult to make their own decision should sit with their loved ones of both the family and think about what to do next. When both the families would sit together, they’d discuss which of the close relatives would be available on the new expected date and many more.

5. Finalize the New Dates

I know it is sad to postpone the most awaited day of your life. But it is okay. It is just a matter of a few months and you and your partner would be together. Your new dates should be in consonance with the availability of your wedding venue, caterer and the makeup artist.

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6. Spread the Word: Announce the New Date

You may add a header to the message you’ll send to announce the new date, like: Same Bride: Same groom: New Date…….” or Time to take your blessings on……….” Etc etc.

Send the Save the date card along with the message to excite the guest. Let them know that their presence is all that you need to finally make your wedding a grand event. Do not worry of the question that would be thrown at you. Once you announce the new date, everyone will understand it due to the pandemic situation.

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